About The DCSD

Lourdes has always been a very special place for us  and has a unique relationship with Our Lady. It gives us the opportunity to come together, from all backgrounds and walks of life, to be as one in prayer and also spend time together serving one another in community. Lourdes is a place of prayer and healing.  Our pilgrimage will also give an opportunity for those in our community who may need medical support or special assistance, to be able to travel to Lourdes and to stay in hotels with other pilgrims, at the heart of our pilgrimage.





During a recent interview a pilgrim in Lourdes said “In Lourdes we are treated like royalty” and this personifies the D.C.S.D's  sentiments as to what a pilgrimage should be. That every pilgrim, whether they be disabled, unwell or healthy, should be treated the same and given the help and support that they need whether that be physical help or just someone to talk to which is why we have named the group “Community Pilgrimage”